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From Six Sigma and Manufacturing Leadership to Shingo, our premium training and consultancy is not just a regurgitated slide deck. We create a dynamic coaching experience that delivers sustainable improvement, personal growth and organisational excellence.

About the Manufacturing Institute

It is the reputational quality, integrity and knowledge of our expert practitioners that differentiates our approach to educational training, coaching and consultancy. With substantial backgrounds in manufacturing and engineering, this hands-on experience is underpinned by the latest manufacturing thinking and techniques, and compliments our ability to see and understand the needs of each individual, and every manufacturer we support.

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We're Jedi when it comes to Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a set of techniques and tools for process improvement. Introduced in 1986 by Motorola, this tried and tested method creates proven professional and organisational transformation. Our training helps you bring this statistical and data-driven process to life so you can limit errors and reduce weaknesses in real time.

SHINGO™ Easier, Better, Faster & Human

In 2008, The Manufacturing Institute became the first European partner of The Shingo Institute, we have worked with more Shingo Prize winners than any other affiliates globally. This ongoing Shingo success demonstrates an enduring proven ability to help people in manufacturing make sustainable, world-class improvements to their business operation.

We help you lean into LEAN

Lean is an established way of thinking, and we help you turn these thoughts into modern business action. Our training unlocks the value that you deliver, whether you are new to the Lean process or an experienced Process Improvement Manager, we’ll help you make the sustainable transformations needed to achieve your goals for improved production, quality and profit.

A lot more than Leadership Training

Whether you’re a new team leader on the manufacturing shop floor or an existing manager looking to validate instinct and evolve thinking. Delivered by award winning experts, well-versed in the principles and philosophies of leadership within the context of manufacturing. These impactful programmes never fail to inspire and build confidence of individuals embarking on this journey of self-improvement for professional and organisational development.


MSc in Manufacturing Leadership

The Manufacturing Institutes MSc in partnership with Lancaster University is a very special and unique experience. This is not just generic textbook theory, it is a personal and practical journey bolstered by the caring reputational quality, integrity and knowledge of our expert tutors. This differentiates our invested approach to the modules and empowers the overall success-rate it delivers for students.


Are you a Manufacturer that pays the Apprenticeship Levy? If you have any spare levy funds you can help smaller businesses with the cost of training their apprentices, thus preventing the money going back to central government. We are a social enterprise and our free service matches you with businesses looking for levy transfer and takes care of all the heavy lifting, leaving you free in the knowledge that you supporting the sector and building the talent pipeline for the future.

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