All You Need To Know About Chris Butterworth’s Book ‘Why Bother?: Why and How to Assess Your Continuous-Improvement Culture’

Shingo Fellow, certified Shingo Institute Master Trainer and Shingo examiner, Chris Butterworth, recently released his new book ‘Why Bother?: Why and How to Assess Your Continuous-Improvement Culture’. We sat down with Chris to uncover all the insights, including the thinking it’s formed upon and the upcoming launch. The thinking ‘Why Bother?’ was written by Chris… Read more

MSc In Manufacturing Leadership: Where Support Is Just Important As Education

We’ve previously spoken about our MSc in Manufacturing Leadership – from how it’s accredited by Lancaster University, to the key details, to how it’s benefitted delegates. But we’ve not yet homed on the support provided by our Senior Programmes Executive, Anita Kaur. So, we thought we’d ask Anita to talk about the support offered on… Read more

Just In Time vs Just In Case: Which Mindset Is Best For Your Business?

First it was toilet roll. Then bread flour. Now fuel. There’s been countless shortages over the last 18 months due to manufacturing and supply chain issues. Whilst consumers adopted a ‘just in case’ mentality, buying 50 bags of pasta for a three-month lockdown, not all manufacturers went for such an approach. Why? Because there’s a… Read more

How To Approach Your Employer For A Training Budget

It’s one thing making the decision to develop yourself on a professional and mental level. It’s another to approach your employer and ask them to invest in this training for you. We get it, it’s a scary idea. But if you know how to bring up the topic, you’ll get past that initial fear and… Read more

Self-Development: Is Now Your Time?

Self-development. Self-reformation. Self-advancement. Self-improvement. These words have been used endlessly since the start of the pandemic – and we’re not talking about a lockdown DIY haircut! Many people have taken the opportunity to dig deep and develop themselves both professionally and mentally. Others, however, have hesitated, and that’s understandable. After all, investing in yourself is… Read more

What Is Customer Value In Lean?

When it comes to customer value, it’s not just about knowing what your market pays for your product. You also need to understand what it is in terms of lean, why it’s important, and how to create it successfully. In this blog, we tell you exactly that. Defining customer value Customer value is the perception… Read more

5 Top Tips For A Successful Six Sigma Implementation

At The Manufacturing Institute, we understand that it’s one thing to know what Six Sigma is, and be aware of the benefits it could bring to your business. But, learning how to action it effectively during your manufacturing processes, well, that’s a whole different story. That’s why we wanted to share our five top tips… Read more

The Argument For Looking Backwards In Performance Management

When we previously spoke about performance management traps, we didn’t discuss looking backwards, even though many in the industry would say it’s one for the list. Why? Because we personally think that looking backwards can be a very positive thing, provided it’s done in the correct manner. Interested in learning more? Join us as we… Read more

How Manufacturers Put Six Sigma Into Practice

In case you missed it, we recently explored all things Six Sigma, including what it is and how it can benefit your business. But that brings us to the question: how exactly can you put it into practice? Here, The Manufacturing Institute’s Six Sigma Practitioner, Eunice Cinnamon, highlights  how Six Sigma works in the real… Read more