With over 27 years of experience helping the sector all over the world we know that you will have requirements that are unique to your business / organisation, where a simple “off-the-shelf” product won’t achieve the outcomes you need. When we build a training solution with you, we have access to an unmatched wealth of knowledge and time served experience to ensure your training delivers the return on investment it should.

Our Process

A dedicated account manager will work with you to understand in full your current state through an exploratory meeting to understand your business, current challenges, dynamics of your team and objectives – we will use this information to develop a scoping document and identify a lead practitioner for your project. Your account manager will be your point of contact throughout the project.

Using the outputs of the scoping document your account manager and lead practitioner will begin to map out solutions to reach your project objectives – this phase often includes further meetings and a site visit. The outcome of this phase is a full proposal, detailing a full bill of works on how we will reach the objectives you set for the project.

Project delivery. We collect feedback data throughout the project and continue to tailor amendments where necessary to enhance the experience. Once delivery is complete, we will carry out a full after-action review where we reflect against the original objectives and agree a close-out or follow on programme.

Why the Manufacturing Institute

We offer the perfect mix of academia and practical application; our practitioners have all worked in senior positions within manufacturing businesses so understand the challenges and pressures you are facing. We have a proven track record of delivering in domestic and international markets from ambitious SMEs to some of the biggest manufacturing businesses in the world.

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