What is Shingo and why should companies invest in it?

As more and more people are hearing about the Shingo model, I often get asked to outline the principles on which it is based.

As I’ve talked with clients about Shingo and taught Discover courses, I’ve found that although knowledge of the model varies at the start, people become enthused through the learning process.

You can see their thoughts and ideas developing like those old photographs which started with a blank piece of paper before the image appeared.

We are the catalysts to help change the way that you think.

Put simply the Shingo model is a global standard for enterprise excellence. It can apply to all sectors and anywhere in the world. It’s not just about manufacturing. It applies in health care, maintenance repair and overhaul, and office environments.

The Shingo principles can be applied to anything.They are universal and timeless.

This is a truly demanding world class level, and Shingo sets a very high standard and a very high ideal.

There are no guarantees when you set out on a Shingo journey, but it encourages you to think of a different horizon and ask questions like;

What do ideal behaviours look like? What could be possible? What is the culture we are building? It lets you imagine the best you can be – and that is very powerful.

Shingo is based around 4 main dimensions.

  • People
  • Continual process improvement
  • Enterprise alignment to make sure everyone is bound by a common purpose
  • Results

Shingo is based not just on systems and tools but on principles. Why are we doing things? Why is it important? The answers to those questions make change truly sustainable.

For many people who come on the Discover workshops this all makes intrinsic sense.

For some companies Shingo is a guide on their continuous improvement journey but for others recognition is important. They want everyone to know they are the best in the world.

I’m proud to have played a part in helping people win that recognition through the Shingo Prize.

To sum up, Shingo is about long term thinking, combining a focus on people as well as process, to sustainably deliver the results your stakeholders require.

The Discover workshops challenge you to look at different ways of what excellence looks like as well as having a unique opportunity to share knowledge at a top class manufacturing site.

No matter where the site is up to on their Shingo journey, they welcome feedback on ways they can improve still further.

That’s the challenge that Shingo provides.