Why 2018 Is The Perfect Time For A Shingo Benchmark Assessment?

An honest, meaningful examination of your current operational processes is essential for improvement – and the very best way to accurately gauge your business’ health and prospects is through a benchmark assessment conducted by The Manufacturing Institute.

Here, we talk more about the benefits of a benchmark assessment, including what you can expect from the process and how The Manufacturing Institute can use these practices to steer your business in an exciting new direction.

Shingo Benchmark Assessment by The Manufacturing Institute Shingo Benchmark Assessment by The Manufacturing Institute
Shingo Benchmark Assessment

What is the Shingo Model and why is it important?

All of the benchmark assessments here at The Manufacturing Institute are associated with, and driven by, the Shingo Model.

It isn’t another tool or piece of software designed for companies operating in the manufacturing industry. The Shingo Model involves embracing a whole new way of thinking that derives from a culture shift across the entire company.

The Shingo Model originated from within the Shingo Institute, and any business that rises to the high standards set by this organisation will meet the Shingo Prize criteria.

Manufacturing companies often find their prospects transform completely once they have been awarded the Shingo Prize. Not only does this coveted accolade invite praise and respect from the biggest names in the industry, it also serves as a reflection of a business that is continually surpassing expectations and limits. A Shingo-winning company is one that has found a way of permanently improving every single day.

However, reaching Shingo Prize criteria standards isn’t something that can be achieved overnight. You need the right support along the way – and The Manufacturing Institute are here to provide it.

We are the first recognised European partner of the Shingo Institute, and our longstanding, trusted relationship with the organisation proves that we are the very best team to turn to when it comes to delivering Shingo Model support.

With The Manufacturing Institute, Shingo operational excellence is always within reach; our business reviews and benchmark assessments combine for maximum effect.

Our approach to benchmark assessments

One of the most difficult tasks a company will ever face is setting standards.

Where does the bar go? Should you place it high to incentivise staff to shoot for the stars? Or is it best to position it within reach so your team aren’t disillusioned by impossible goals?

There is no single right answer. Not only is this bar different for every business, it’s also moveable – never remaining locked in a single position. Setting standards involves regularly re-evaluating your business’ position within the marketplace and adjusting your aims accordingly. This way, your organisation is constantly improving and moving towards the next step.

That’s what The Manufacturing Institute’s benchmark assessments are all about. Using the Shingo Model, these evaluations offer you a clear picture of your company’s place in the market, along with a means to accurately measure and guide progress step by step, ensuring your aims remain ambitious yet achievable.

Our benchmark assessments draw on the Shingo Principles of Operational Excellence, which have been proven to enhance standards across the board and make sustainable improvement and business transformation a reality.

What makes The Manufacturing Institute’s benchmark assessments so different is that they are collaborative, progressive, forward-thinking processes. Our professionals don’t just swoop in and tell you the pros and cons of your company. They take the time to learn about your organisation, working with you to shape an all-round strategy, rather than simply highlighting general issues.

The Manufacturing Institute is an organisation for manufacturers, by manufacturers – and we guarantee that each company receives their very own bespoke benchmark assessment for excellent long-term results and perpetual improvement.

The framework for sustained excellence

Following our benchmark assessments, we work with manufacturing businesses using our Enterprise Excellence Framework. This is designed to help organisations achieve – and, most importantly, sustain – high performance levels that consolidates and elevates their industry position and reputation.

We use this framework to integrate a new type of culture within your business – a philosophy for positive change that every member of staff contributes to. This helps to turn your business from a series of different departments with contrasting ideas into a single, unified force in which everyone works with one another to achieve a shared aim.

Our framework encourages staff to create and follow strategic objectives, inspiring and motivating them to participate in the organisation’s exciting new future.

Once we have completed your benchmark assessment, our Enterprise Excellence Framework allows you to re-determine a vision, purpose and strategy that everyone in the business can get behind – ensuring greater success over the long term.

Arrange a Shingo benchmark assessment with The Manufacturing Institute today

Imagine removing the prospect of limitations. Picture having a refreshing philosophy that drives your company towards continual, endless improvement. Envisage what it might be like to be part of an organisation that is recognised by the Shingo Institute.

The Manufacturing Institute makes this possible. All you need to do is get in touch with our skilled team of manufacturing experts to arrange a Shingo benchmark assessment.

We can visit your business premises and analyse your strengths and weaknesses, highlighting the areas in which you’re excelling, and where you might be being held back. Based on our findings, we’ll develop a tailored strategy to ensure you have the best possible platform from which to begin working towards meeting the Shingo Prize criteria.

There is no time like the present to take advantage of our benchmark assessments. Once you have made the leap, you’ll watch your business develop into something bigger and better than you ever could have anticipated.