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Team Leadership Development – APR

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Team Leadership Development Programme by the Manufacturing Institute
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Team Leadership Development – APR


About this course

If you’re looking to improve or refresh your team leadership skills, our Team Leadership Development Programme will give you the latest know-how required to get the best from your people with the focus on improving productivity and performance. The programme is the full version of our team leadership programme. It makes full use of the latest thinking in management and leadership techniques, developing the knowledge confidence and capability of any immerging or existing team leader. This course uses both practical, experimental learning activities, blended with group discussion and individual reflection.

Who is this course for?

This course is perfect for anyone with people management responsibility at an operational level within a manufacturing organisation. It is ideal for those wishing to access a high-quality, team leadership learning experience.

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Further Information

This course empowers the interpersonal skills necessary to be an effective leader, giving delegates the understanding and confidence required to motivate their team to success with self-awareness and resilience. The programme includes a final presentation that enables delegates to explore their learning outcomes and identify actions, and plans to continuously improve themselves, their team, and the organisation. They will be equipped to present a business case for continuous improvement that helps manage change.


This module is designed to introduce delegates to the concept of leadership and management and start to shape their understanding of the role of a team leader and the importance of adapting your leadership style and how this can be managed within a manufacturing setting. AGENDA – Welcome and Introduction to the programme / The business case for effective team leadership in the context of Manufacturing / The key differences between leadership and management / What makes an effective leader? Introducing different leadership styles / Action Centred Leadership/ Farey Framework / 10 Golden Rules of Leadership / Vision and purpose from the organisational context / Understanding the importance of values and behaviours and their influence on culture


This module is designed to encourage team leaders to develop their understanding of who they are as a leader, how they interact with their team and how they can improve performance through recognising their strengths and development areas to build greater rapport with their team. AGENDA – Exploring your purpose and your personal core values / The Importance of leading with Humility / Understanding and strengthening Emotional Intelligence / Understanding self; Johari’s window / Understanding personality and building rapport with others / Managing Time effectively / Prioritisation and operational planning


Collaboration improves the way your team works together and solves problems. This module focuses on the importance of communication in building collaboration within teams and provides delegates with the necessary tools for effective communication both within the team and across the organisation. AGENDA – Exploring effective communication / Understanding common challenges with communication / Skills for communicating effectively / Understanding communication styles and preferences / Understanding how people process and digest information to aid effective communication / Exploring an approach to structured communication / Managing conflict and difficult conversations / Confident and effective presentations


Building on discussions from module 3, this module is designed to explore the principle of high performance and provide the knowhow and tools for team leaders to drive greater efficiency, performance and productivity within their teams. AGENDA – Exploring the cause of dysfunctional teams / Understanding and creating high performance teams / Goal setting for high performance teams / Relationship-based leadership / Engaging teams for high performance / Creating high performance cultures through managing change / Mid-point programme review


‘People are your greatest asset’. In order to get the very best from your team, this module will develop the confidence and capability of team leaders to manage performance effectively, reduce bias and recognise and motivate your team. AGENDA – Managing and Measuring performance well / Understanding our biases / Understanding and exploring motivation techniques and strategies / The importance of constructive feedback / Delivering difficult feedback / Exploring your approach to reward and recognition and consider it strengths and areas for improvement / Managing resources and effective delegation / Supporting your teams development-identifying needs, exploring learning styles and measuring impact


Building on module 5, this session recognises the impact team leaders can have on the performance of their team. This module will help team leaders to apply coaching methodology to support their team and build and develop their coaching habit. AGENDA – Understanding the difference between Coaching and Mentoring / The role of the Line Manager coach/mentor / How to use coaching and mentoring to develop people and improve performance / How to build a coaching/mentoring relationship / Models to support coaching conversations / Powerful questions / Building a coaching habit

Module 7 - LEADING WELL - PART 1

Employee wellbeing is currently regarded the No.1 workplace issue for businesses. Ensuring team leaders have the confidence and capability in supporting and guiding wellbeing and mental health matters in the workplace is essential. This module will support team leaders in recognising the signs, encouraging people to talk and promoting self-care. AGENDA – What is the business case for workplace health? / What do we mean by mental health? / Recognising and managing stress; / Supporting workplace health and wellbeing: Spotting the early warning signs of common mental health conditions – Strategies to support employee health and wellbeing – Confidently supporting someone in crisis and distress / Creating a psychologically safe environment / Recap and reflections

Module 8 - LEADING WELL - PART 2

Building on module 7, this session focuses on helping team leaders advocate wellbeing through their own actions and behaviours through exploring their own personal resilience and developing strategies to help strengthen their physical and mental health. AGENDA – Business case for supporting the health and wellbeing of team leaders / Understand what resilience is and how we see resilience in others; / Workplace Resilience and Wellbeing – Your personal ‘snapshot’ Wraw® report – Energy – Future Focus – Inner Drive – Flexible Thinking – Strong Relationships / Recap and reflections / Final programme presentationsThe programme includes a final presentation that enables you to explore your learning outcomes and identify actions, and plans to continuously improve yourself, your team, and your organisation. You will be equipped to present a business case for continuous improvement and change. Course includes access to materials, direction and support on our virtual learning environment and certificate of attendance.The programme includes a final presentation that enables you to explore your learning outcomes and identify actions, and plans to continuously improve yourself, your team, and your organisation. You will be equipped to present a business case for continuous improvement and change. Course includes access to materials, direction and support on our virtual learning environment and certificate of attendance.



How does it work?

The course runs between 9.30 am to 4.00 pm over 8-days, 2 days per week consecutively (6.5 hours per session)

What is the entry-level requirement?

There are no formal qualifications necessary to attend this course. No matter what your background or previous experience is, as long as you have a practical desire to drive positive change and improve results, this course will help you achieve your operational objectives and build a coaching culture.

What does it include?

Includes access to materials, direction and support in our virtual learning environment (VLE) It’s Learning.

What is the certification?

A certificate of attendance is available to delegates who have attended all the Team Leadership Development training days. This is an award from The Manufacturing Institute. Our independently endorsed certification is recognised and well-respected throughout the manufacturing sector.

Who will be delivering this programme?

Delivered by endorsed TMI™️ affiliates, our experienced Leadership Practitioners will combine presentation, peer-to-peer discussion, group activity and interactive learning exercises to ensure delivery remains energetic, thought-provoking and professionally relevant.

What is the business resilience profiling tool Wraw®

The Manufacturing Institute Associates are authorised practitioners for Wraw®.

Wraw® is currently the only psychometric tool and survey to measure resilience and its impact on wellbeing in the workplace. Wraw helps to increase employees’ self-awareness of their current levels of resilience and gives organisations rich data that can be used to support their workforce more effectively and engender a culture of healthy high performance. Delegates will be required to complete their own Wraw® survey and will be provided with a personalised Wraw® report during Module 8.

What is Lumina Spark®

The Manufacturing Institute affiliates are authorised practitioners for Lumina Spark®. This gentle profiling tool helps to increase self-awareness, reveal hidden potential and provide insight into how delegates can cope better under pressure. Lumina Spark® can help uncover practical actions for improved communication, teamwork and leadership. Delegates will be asked to download the Lumina Splash® App prior to module 2.

Can we run this programme in-house?

Yes, we can deliver all our programmes on-site. Quotations are subject to minimum numbers, bespoke preparation, and broader company objectives. Please contact one of our team who can discuss the requirements in person.

Missed sessions?

Late cancellations or no-shows are subject to the terms and conditions of booking. We understand that real life can get in the way of training, and as long as we are made aware, we will always endeavour to re-arrange missed sessions on the next available intake.

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