Senior Leader Team Coaching

Senior Leadership Team [SLT] coaching creates a safe enviroment to indentify and address challenges that create barriers to improved performance. Our coaching model of choice is the GROW Model – it provides a simple yet powerful 4 step framework – goal, reality, opportunity and way forward.

Our SLT coaching programme works with the team together as well as one-to-one coaching for individuals, and observing and supporting team meetings and events.

With team coaching, a team can develop together, clarify its purpose, gain trust, set goals and ways of working, reconnect with stakeholders and identify powerful new ways to contribute to its organisation’s success.


The acronym GROW stands for:

  • Goal
  • Reality
  • Opportunity
  • Will/Wrap-up/What next/Way forward?

These four words and phrases correspond to the four main stages of a coaching or mentoring session.

  • GOAL: What do you want?
  • REALITY: Where are you now?
  • OPPORTUNITY: What could you do?
  • WAY FORWARD: What will you do?

During the first stage of the process, the goal is the priority. Once a topic for discussion is agreed, specific outcomes and objectives will be discussed and identified. Goals set will need to inspirational and positive, whilst being challenging and requiring the team to stretch themselves and their abilities to achieve it.

We provide SLT Coaching face-to-face and virtually for organisations looking to develop high performance teams and a continuous improvement culture across the enterprise.

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