MSc In Manufacturing Leadership: Where Support Is Just Important As Education

We’ve previously spoken about our MSc in Manufacturing Leadership – from how it’s accredited by Lancaster University, to the key details, to how it’s benefitted delegates. But we’ve not yet homed on the support provided by our Senior Programmes Executive, Anita Kaur.

So, we thought we’d ask Anita to talk about the support offered on the MSc, particularly in relation to mental health and positive relationships. Here’s what she had to say…

In-person and virtual support

Whilst the entire course administration is on my shoulders (enrolment, dealing with admissions etc.), one of the most important parts of my work has always been providing support to the learners.

Before COVID-19, I visited students in person. That’s not been an option over the last 18 months, but support has proved to be even more important. Online learning meant students didn’t get any face time. So, whenever a module is completed (usually every 3–4 months), we have a 1-2-1 discussion about how things are going. And if they need a catch up before then, they can message me on the virtual learning platform anytime.

A focus on mental health

Evidently, the pandemic has shifted my support to become more about people’s mental health. When I first joined The Manufacturing Institute, I became a Mental Health First Aider to support the company’s employees. Then I saw an opportunity to aid our delegate’s wellbeing by using the skills I’d acquired.

Usually, students are doing an MSc at the same time as a full-time job, and many have families and a personal life too. It’s a lot to deal with. That’s why I make the time and reach out to see if they need a hand.

Building relationships

As a result of this support, we get to form positive long-term relationships. Students come back and tell me how happy they are with their achievements since the programme – whether it’s promotions or how they’ve managed to apply their MSc work into their leadership roles.

This support doesn’t just come from me either. Delegates communicate to each other via their virtual learning environment or set up their own WhatsApp group. They can talk to each other about anything they’re unsure of, and others will help and make suggestions. It’s a true team effort.

The MSc with The Manufacturing Institute

Our MSc in Manufacturing Leadership returns in September 2022, when the next cohort starts. If you enrol, you’ll receive support from Anita plus a number of other benefits, like learning from global experts who’ve been there and done it.

During the course, you’ll adopt world-class manufacturing principles, and have the opportunity to execute seven in-house business improvement projects. Not only that, all of our modules are reviewed, so you know the course content is always relevant. In recent years, we’ve emphasised Brexit and COVID-19, and we always try to bring real-life examples into the material.

Then there’s the dissertation, which is based around a live project in the delegate’s own organisation. We help them and make sure they’re on the right path, then they can take their learnings back to the workplace.

Apply for the MSc now

The next cohort is due to start in January, which means you don’t have long to secure your place. You can find out more about the MSc, what it teaches and the benefits here – there’s also the option to book a chat with Anita.

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