Six Sigma Green Belt Re-Fresher

Virtual , 11th October 2022


Places Available


Introduction and definitions, recap on the basic Six Sigma principles and concepts. Your business mindset in the context of DMAIC and the benefits. Business goals and objectives, understanding customer requirements and identifying SMART project goals. Where have you found resistance from stakeholders in the organisation?

Session 2: DEFINE

Chartering projects. Reflection on what has been critical to your success and why?  Mindset, obstacles and influence. Process mapping – a review of key Six Sigma mapping techniques.

Session 3: MEASURE

What have you discovered about your customer requirements? Impact study of root cause analysis. Data gathering – for both soft and hard data.

Session 4: ANALYSE

Effective measurement and analysis, understanding the drivers of poor performance in a process and GEMBA re-focussing on areas for improvement actions, waste and root cause analysis. Develop a factual and accurate picture of the current state of process performance, identifying areas of weakness within the process for further investigation, achieving and reflection of ‘quick win’ improvements where possible. Use of data-driven decision making, not assumption or ‘urban myth’.

 Session 5: IMPROVE

Standardisation and simplification, risk assessment and mitigation (mistake proofing). Optimisation of your critical X’s understanding the input and process variables.

Session 6: CONTROL

Leading change. Re-visit, develop and implement new optimum, sustainable solutions with minimum resistance. Creative thinking and solution prioritisation. Understand how to verify project solutions which have been implemented effectively and ensure the improvements are sustainable.