Team Leadership Development Programme – Classroom Delivery

New & Updated Content for 2022

More than ever, strong, resilient leadership is an essential component of every successful, modern manufacturing operation. Leadership has changed, and it is vital that aspiring individuals or people just starting on their leadership trajectory understand what type of leader they need to become by exhibiting the behaviours that will help them increase the effectiveness of their communication.

Our full Team Leadership programme is delivered face to face, with a variety of practical exercises designed to help team leaders, production or logistics supervisors, senior technicians and production operatives become a driving force within their organisation.

What you’ll need

  • Access to a car or public transport to attend the face-to-face training
  • No formal qualifications are required, so it’s ideal for those with strong practical skills but little post-school education

How it works

  • Hands-on training, mixing best-practice factory visits with workshops and seminars
  • 8 days of 8-hour training.

What will you learn?

Module 1: LEADING FOR THE FUTURE | Your Role as a Team Leader in Manufacturing.

Learning outcomes include understanding business case needs for effective leadership and management. The role of a leader in a manufacturing context and the importance of adapting your leadership style. Links with organisational culture, team desires and individual needs.

Module 2: LEADING SELF | Understanding Self and Your Impact on Others.

Learning benefits include, exploring the importance of self-awareness and how emotional intelligence enables effective team leadership. Uncovering your own personality traits and how you can use these skills to build rapport with others. Uncover the stressors and develop techniques for managing time with more effective planning.

Module 3: LEADING COLLABORATIVELY #1 | Effective Communication in the Workplace.

You will learn the importance and impact of effective communication in the workplace and the skills needed to ensure communication is heard and understood. Tools needed in the development of strategies to manage conflict and manage difficult conversations positively.

Module 4: LEADING COLLABORATIVELY #2 | Improving Productivity Through Cooperation and Team Working.

Delegate takeaways include how to create a high-performance team through collaboration and teamwork. Tools for strengthening employee engagement and developing strategies in managing change effectively.

Module 5: LEADING PEOPLE #1 Getting the Best from People Through Effective Leadership.

You will learn how to manage performance effectively and reduce bias, apply proven leadership techniques to recognise and motivate your team, how to support your teams development and evaluate impact.

Module 6: LEADING PEOPLE #2 | Mentoring and Coaching for Performance Improvement.

You will know how to use coaching and mentoring to develop people and improve performance, learn how to apply coaching methodology to support your team and build and develop your coaching habit.

Module 7: LEADING WELL #1 | Supporting Employee Health and Creating Psychological Safety in the Workplace.

Key to modern leadership, you will have a clear understanding of triggers, how this impacts mental health and mental health conditions. Techniques to support and manage employee wellbeing in the workplace and the importance of psychologically safe workplaces and how we create them.

Module 8: LEADING BETTER #2 | Advocating Wellbeing Through Your Own Actions and Behaviours.

Finally, you will understand the importance of your role as a team leader in creating a healthy and safe working environment. You will have a clear understanding of what personal resilience looks like and its importance to overall performance and productivity improvement. You will have gained self-awareness of your resilience levels and have strategies to aid your own mental strength.

The programme includes a final presentation that enables you to explore your learning outcomes and identify actions, and plans to continuously improve yourself, your team, and your organisation. You will be equipped to present a business case for continuous improvement and change. Course includes access to materials, direction and support on our virtual learning environment and certificate of attendance.

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