Accelerated Route to Lean Manufacturing

Providing the tools for lean manufacturing excellence

Accelerated Route to Lean Manufacturing provides proven, practical toolkits for speedy bottom-line gain. This is a results-driven programme for those who want to become champions of lean manufacturing within their own workplace.

The programme focuses on eliminating waste and driving up efficiency across the total manufacturing process – from supplier to customer. It draws on the specific issue’s students face every day to make this course 100% relevant to every manufacturer. Over 1400 manufacturing professionals have completed Accelerated Route to Lean Manufacturing and applied their learning to create millions of pounds worth of productivity improvements.

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What are the benefits to the company?

  • Rapid transfer of skills and know-how to deliver immediate business benefits
  • Development of in-house expertise to create sustainable and tangible benefits
  • Improved understanding of what best-practice really means from an exclusive visit to a world class manufacturing site
  • Increased credibility with suppliers and customers if Lean Manufacturing Fellowship is attained

Who is the course designed for?

The programme is geared towards individuals with responsibility for productivity and performance improvement in small and large companies.

Course prerequisites:

A desire to drive changes in a manufacturing environment.

How does it work?

After just 10 weeks students will be able to put their knowledge into practice and realise some significant business improvements. Our ‘learn by doing’ approach is designed to maximise the understanding and impact of the course and combines practical forums with classroom-based sessions.

An online lean learning portal is available for six months and provides a wealth of additional resources and information for the student and the sponsoring business.

On completion of the course, students can choose to participate in an evaluated in-company improvement project, which is supervised by a Manufacturing Institute practitioner. Successful evaluation of this project can result in being awarded a Fellowship in Lean Manufacturing.

Course Outline:


  • Lean thinking and awareness – provides an understanding of the guiding principles of lean manufacturing.
  • World class manufacturing – people and process site visit exposes the link between culture change and continuous improvement.
  • Value stream identification and mapping (VSM) – teaches students the concept of value streams, why the identification and mapping of value streams is important and how to value stream map.
  • Process mapping and blitz events, layout, and cell design – demonstrates two popular types of process mapping techniques. Students will also be shown the importance of leadership in fostering change.
  • Problem solving and quality – teaches the tools and techniques of quality management and problem solving.
  • Build to plan – shows why we plan and schedule. It explains the differences between planning and scheduling and why the achievement of the short- term schedule is so vital to lean applications.
  • Coaching and Facilitation – teaches students how to facilitate CI activities, understand the difference between coaching and mentoring and how to coach people to achieve improved CI results
  • Workplace organisation and equipment effectiveness – helps students to understand how 5S supports fl ow and standardisation. Students will also be taught Overall Equipment Effectiveness and Total Productive Maintenance.
  • Lean implementation – demonstrates the need for a lean implementation strategy and presents a number of approaches and frameworks that have been used successfully by other organisations.

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In-house training and education

If you’re looking to send larger groups of people on the same course, our Accelerated Route to Lean Manufacturing course can be offered as an in-company programme, so your employees can study together without leaving the workplace. Course content can be tailored to specific business needs and case studies can focus on actual business issues.



Course Duration: 10 weeks at 1 day per week
Public Course: Yes
In-company course: Yes
Investment: £2,950