Industry 4.0

Introduction to Industry 4.0

The “Introduction to Industry 4.0” is a two day Training Course delivering a six module overview of Industry 4.0 focusing on the prerequisites methods and technologies necessary for manufacturing companies to transition forward into the fourth industrial revolution. Delivered from UCLan’s Engineering Innovation Centre (EIC), each module concludes with a practical activity that provides hands on experience applying what is learned to real world applications and case studies within a digital manufacturing context.


What will you learn?

The course begins with an introduction to industry 4.0 then extends existing process mapping competencies with discrete event simulation to enable participants to effectively document a manufacturing process, identify data collection points and justify value added improvements before committing to purchasing new technologies. Conventional data collection techniques and integration technologies are explained such as 1D barcodes, 2D QR codes and RFID tags followed by more advanced IIoT data acquisition and machine monitoring methodologies. Data processing is explained with emphasis on data preparation, analysis and visualisation via both on-premise and cloud-based interactive dashboards.


Why Study this course?

Do you want to explore Industry 4.0 and benefit from data driven insights within your own company. During the course you will have access to
• Structured presentations with relevant case studies
• Technical Demonstrations
• Networking
• Smart Manufacturing Analytic Roadmap (SMAR)
• One-to-One Support
• Focused reading material
• Tutorials


Who is the course for?

The Introduction to Industry 4.0 Training Course provides a technical overview of the required phases for Manufacturing/IT managers and engineers to embark upon digital transformation to improve any of the following areas.
• Productivity
• Quality
• Cost Reduction
• Asset Management
• Supply Chain Optimisation



“John delivered more than just a simple introductory course into what Industry 4.0 is actually about. There were certain points on almost all of the 6 sections that we can describe as ‘light bulb’ moments that made us smile and feel that what was presently happening in the business we work in was ‘old hat’, ‘lame’, ‘dated’ & most of all ‘inefficient & costly’.
Some specifics were quite detailed but we would say this is required as different knowledge is needed by different parties depending on their specific field of work. John was good at turning what he was saying into practical tasks that helped convince us that some aspects were far simpler than what we first believed.
Overall the course stimulated creative thoughts of what is possible for not a massive expense which could easily be seen to have short payback periods, as well as opening the doors for future developments within business – all leading to a more proactive workplace delivering better efficiencies”

Richard Morris (Production Director)
Bury Black Pudding Company



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With over 25 years of expertise in bringing lessons from the factory floor to the classroom, our aim is simple: to deliver the latest thinking and  best practice with practical techniques, to develop people and improve the performance manufacturing businesses.


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Many of our courses can be offered as in-company programmes,  so employees from the same organisation can study the same course alongside each other without leaving the workplace. Course content can be tailored to specific business needs and case studies can focus on actual business issues.