Shingo Discover Excellence

The Shingo Discover Excellence 2-day workshop provides insights into the Shingo Model and how it can be deployed across your business

Over two intensive days you will see why the Shingo Model is the Global Standard for Enterprise Excellence and how you can adopt the key principles and apply them in your business.

Benefits of attending:

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of Enterprise Excellence, The Shingo Model and its key principles
  • Gain a unique first-hand insight into good practice through a range of ‘Go, Look, See’ visits at excellent sites
  • Understand how to align and embed continuous improvement activities across your organisation
  • Develop insights to align your company’s vision throughout the workforce
  • Share experiences and networking with other like-minded professionals committed to business excellence
  • Each workshop will be led by a Manufacturing Institute Shingo Facilitator with unrivalled experience in supporting manufacturing businesses to embed the Shingo Principles within their organisation.

About the Shingo Model:

The Shingo Model measures what world class performance looks and feels like, including the culture and behaviours of people and is reviewed each year based on the latest best practice. It sets the bar unashamedly high, because it is based on the principles, systems and tools that deliver world class levels of excellence across an enterprise.

The Shingo Model is based on the management approach and methodology taught by Dr. Shigeo Shingo, as well as two decades of best practice from the world’s leading business thinkers. Shingo described three levels of business improvement, which have been translated into a transformation process, comprising principles, systems and tools. Shingo understood that true Enterprise excellence can only be achieved by understanding ‘why’ improvements work, as well as ‘how’ to implement them.

Who was Shigeo Shingo?

The Shingo Model is named in honour of the late Dr. Shigeo Shingo, described as an engineering genius who helped to create, train and write about many aspects of the renowned Toyota Production System and other related production systems.

Many of his improvement principles, such as Single-Minute-Exchange-of-Die (quick changeover), Poka Yoke (mistake proofing) and non stock production (minimum inventory) are described in the 18 books which Shingo wrote during his career.

The coveted Shingo Prize recognises achievement at 3 levels; The Shingo Prize, Shingo Silver Medallion and Shingo Bronze Medallion.

Who should attend the Shingo Discover Workshop?

The workshops are attended by senior managers responsible for introducing and managing transformation across their organisations.

Why should the Manufacturing Institute be your strategic Shingo partner?

The Manufacturing Institute has a proven track record of helping manufacturers to make significant and lasting improvements to their businesses. We are able to do this because we have a wealth of manufacturing expertise gained from working with and listening to thousands of companies. All of our practitioners are manufacturing professionals who have in-depth knowledge and experience of implementing operational effectiveness to world-class standards. Our approach is to transfer this knowledge and capability to our clients.

As our name suggests we work with manufacturing companies across all sectors including, automotive, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, packaging and food and drink. We also help selected clients in healthcare and financial services to benefit from our approach to Enterprise Excellence.

As the first international partner for the Shingo Prize Model we inspire global organisations to develop the culture and systems that underpin and sustain excellence. We achieve this by connecting our global network of customers and transferring our passion, specialist knowledge and practical skills to set new standards of performance across every aspect of the enterprise. This track record of achievement within some of the world’s most respected manufacturing organisations has led us to be recognised as a leading authority in Enterprise Excellence.

In-house training and education

If you’re looking to send larger groups of people on the same course, our Shingo workshop can be offered as an in-company programme, so your employees can study together without leaving the workplace. Course content can be tailored to specific business needs and case studies can focus on actual business issues.



Upcoming Events

Covid-19 Update – Our team of experienced practitioners and coaches have developed a virtual Shingo Discover workshop over 4 interactive sessions, 2 facilitators and insights from 3 manufacturing host-sites. We hope to offer a virtual Shingo Systems workshop soon.

Traditional delivery – all of the Manufacturing Institute’s Shingo Discover Workshops are delivered in global manufacturing sites, enabling delegates to meet a range of employees and gain first hand insights into the company’s culture and systems.

& Training

Many of our courses can be offered as in-company programmes,  so employees from the same organisation can study the same course alongside each other without leaving the workplace. Course content can be tailored to specific business needs and case studies can focus on actual business issues.