Six Sigma Yellow Belt

An introduction to Six Sigma Methodologies and Advanced Problem-Solving

Our Six Sigma Yellow Belt course is designed for anyone with an interest or requirement to gain a base knowledge and understanding of the principles and application of Six Sigma and the D.M.A.I.C implementation process.

This two-day introduction to Six Sigma provides an overview of the DMAIC implementation methodology and covers the basic tools of variation reduction, problem solving and quality improvement. If you’re seeking to become familiar with the language of Six Sigma and needing to contribute to Six Sigma improvement projects as a team member or process owner, then Yellow Belt is perfect for you.

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Our Six Sigma Yellow belt course covers the following themes:

  • Six Sigma overview and the link to lean principles
  • Project selection, definition and chartering
  • Process mapping
  • Cause and effect and failure modes analysis
  • Introduction to statistics and principles of variation
  • Control chartering and statistical process control
  • Measurement system evaluation
  • Capability analysis
  • Identifying the critical X’s
  • The basics of process control

The knowledge acquired will give you the following benefits:

  • Take control of your own improvements
  • The more people within your organisation that are versed in improvement methods, the closer your culture will move towards one of continuous improvement
  • Manage performance with validated data and eliminating guess-work
  • Improve your stakeholder management and communication skills


There are no academic requirements needed to join programme. The only requirement is you have an interest in Six Sigma.

Assessment – Interactive teaching methods allow our tutors to continually assess, support and mentor participants.

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In-house training and education

If you’re looking to send larger groups of people on the same course, our Six Sigma Yellow Belt course can be offered as an in-company programme, so your employees can study together without leaving the workplace. Course content can be tailored to specific business needs and case studies can focus on actual business issues.



Public Course: Yes [delivered online]
In-company course: Yes
Investment: £95 [Covid-19 support price]