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With substantial backgrounds in manufacturing and engineering, this hands-on experience is underpinned by the latest manufacturing thinking and techniques, and compliments our ability to see and understand the needs of each individual, and every manufacturer we support.

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Excellent course

Excellent course well delivered

Mohammad - ★★★★★

Yellow Belt Training - Six Sigma

Overall I really enjoyed the course. However I felt that there was too much crammed into two days and as a result part of it felt rushed. As a newcomer to six sigma I would have preferred to have gone a little more slowly and in depth, especially in terms of applying the theory to relevant practical scenarios. There was also an issue with the slides used not matching up with those provided as notes but, to be fair, that should only be a minor issue.

Chris Jones - ★★★★☆

Yellow Belt Training - Six Sigma

I really enjoyed the course and Eunice was very engaging :-), as a newbie to Six Sigma I did feel there was a lot crammed in over just two days. I also found the references to what was needed in Green Belt or Lean Six Sigma confusing but I'm sure all that will become clear if I get the opportunity to go for my Green Belt in the near future. Eunice needs a bigger office too, it looked like she was in a cupboard bless her!! 🙂

Sue Hayes - ★★★★☆

I had an amazing experience learning...

I had an amazing experience learning form Eunice in the TMI team. Not only was she patient, but she also made the contents of the Yellow Belt course straightforward and easy for me and the others to comprehend. No-one was left catching-up and I found it as a well paced course. I would definitely recommend for others to use TMI as they have an excellent team and staff such as Eunice Cinnamon who are amazing teachers.

Jesse Appiah (Horiba UK) - ★★★★★

TMI Highly recommended!

I have completed both my Green and Black belt with TMI. Not only course attendance but also the Fellowship programme. The company is great and the trainer is very experienced and helpful! I highly recommend TMI!

Balazs Szalisznyo - ★★★★★

Thanks to The Manufacturing institute

Thanks to The Manufacturing institute I have used skills learnt here to i have been promoted in my work place to shift trainer and implemented the tools given onto the shop floor. Thank you again.

Mr Sutcliffe - ★★★★★

Great Bootcamp

I learnt lean manufacturing concept by Europe company perspective. And I think the concept is the same. Everything we talk about are waste reduction, leadership, mindset and improvement culture, company purposes & goals, and also involvement of all stakeholders.Through this bootcamp, my knowledge about lean manufacturing was refreshed. This will help me to think more systematically in carrying out improvements at the factory according to the lean manufacturing concept.

Stanislaus Eko - ★★★★★

Yellow Belt 6 Sigma - Balanced and engaging online training.

To follow 2 days training online could be intense and tough, but in this case was very engaging and balanced. The trainer made it quite dynamic to keep attention levels high with slides, exercises, small groups activities in breakout rooms, and constantly keeping us engaged stimulating the discussion, and being mindful of the need for breaks. The content was interesting, clear and easily relatable to real cases in work situations. The important concepts were constantly highlighted and at the end of the session summarized again.

Giorgia - ★★★★★

Six Sigma Yellow Belt

I attended the Six Sigma Yellow Belt training course. The trainer was knowledgeable and enthusiastic and could explain the topics in a number of different ways. The course content was tailored to some extent around our questioning which showed the knowledge of the trainer.

Tom Evans - ★★★★☆

Very good presentation to a large…

Very good presentation to a large group. The only problem I found was the course slide dec that we were sent did not match the one being use on the day. This made it confusing to follow.

Alan Matthews - ★★★★☆

Yellow Belt online training course

I found my online yellow belt training was carried out very well. The instructor was very knowledgeable and got the information across well.

Stephen - ★★★★★

Yellow belt training - MT

Very intense long two days but so worth it. This was a revision session for me but so very useful. Very well presented and kept the interest going really well. Loved it.

Maria Thorne - ★★★★★

Great experience to join Lean…

Great experience to join Lean Manufacturing Bootcamp, not only get the knowledge about Lean Tools, but also set the lean mindset.

Edwin Sholeh - ★★★★★

Yellow Belt online training course

I found my online yellow belt training was carried out very well. The instructor was very knowledgeable and got the information across well.

Hendro Sutisna - ★★★★★

I learn many thing how to make lean…

I learn many thing how to make lean manufacturing in our process and its supported by complete training module.

Irfan Bahtiar - ★★★★★

The Lean Manufacturing Bootcamp gives a…

The Lean Manufacturing Bootcamp gives a new perspective in running the business through tools and behavior strategies to achieve the purposes or goals.

Hari Purwanto - ★★★★★

David creates positive atmosphere

David creates positive atmosphere, it's engaged trainee for comment and hearing.

Trisna Sagita - ★★★★☆

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