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Curt Douma

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Curt Douma

Leadership In Coaching & Continuous Improvement, Shingo Alumni

“I love helping leaders become better leaders, influencing organisational cultures to sustain long-term success by simplifying problem-solving processes and removing unnecessary complexity.”

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Curt’s story.

Growing up in Montana over in the States, Curt embodies the essence of Operational Excellence and Lean Philosophies. With over 30 years of experience, Curt has truly walked the walk. He has demonstrated countless successes in relationship management, behaviour assessments, and the execution of measurable process improvement with sustainable outcomes.

His mission goes beyond just problem-solving, as he aims to develop cultures to make improvements more sustainable in the long-term quest for success. Curt’s expertise shines in taking leading roles in large process improvement and strategy alignment workshops, resulting in a reduction of cycle time by 50%, embedding ideal behaviours into hundreds of employees, and not to mention a cost avoidance of $5 million. Some of his long-standing experience is in guiding leaders to grasp the importance of culture and behaviours, understanding that they drive the foundation of achieving operational success.

Outside of the realm of transforming the organisational landscape, Curt enjoys playing golf and travelling with his family.


George Fox University

BS in Management & Business Information Systems

GE Security Training

Lean Boot Camp

The Shingo Institute™

Shingo Alumni

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