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With substantial backgrounds in manufacturing and engineering, this hands-on experience is underpinned by the latest manufacturing thinking and techniques, and compliments our ability to see and understand the needs of each individual, and every manufacturer we support.

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Shingo™ Workshops

Delivered by The Manufacturing Institute

Shingo™ workshops delivered by The Manufacturing Institute will help you drive your culture toward organisational excellence. The first workshop Discover Excellence provides a foundational understanding of the Shingo™ Model and the Shingo™ Guiding Principles. The second workshop is the new Systems Design and delivers a practical understanding of what constitutes a system, how to map it, and how to ensure it improves continuously. The following three workshops are Cultural EnablersContinuous Improvement and Enterprise Alignment. These workshops take participants deeper into the Shingo™ Model and provide a more profound understanding of the ideal behaviours necessary to achieve ideal results within an organisation. Finally, Build Excellence is the capstone workshop that takes all the detailed learnings from the previous five Shingo™ workshops and teaches participants how to build systems that drive behaviour that consistently deliver desired results.

Available Shingo™ Workshops

Delivered by The Manufacturing Institute

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