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It is the reputational quality, integrity and knowledge of our expert practitioners that differentiates our approach to educational training, coaching and consultancy.

With substantial backgrounds in manufacturing and engineering, this hands-on experience is underpinned by the latest manufacturing thinking and techniques, and compliments our ability to see and understand the needs of each individual, and every manufacturer we support.

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Lee House, Manchester M1 5JW +44 (0)161 245 4845 Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm


We already know you will have requirements that are unique to your business, and that’s OK because we’re great listeners.
We listen, we learn and provide you with feedback and recommendations that can offer new perspectives and alternative ways of thinking.
This investment will deliver a roadmap that will guide and support you to achieve the results you are looking for.


We pride ourselves on delivering sustainable results and making a positive, tangible difference.
If we can help you create customer value, then we know we have succeeded in our task, and with more Shingo prize winners than any other affiliate in Europe, the results will speak for themselves.


We are outcome based, not assumption based and therefore, our journey always starts with our relationship with you.
This understanding is vital and will uncover the needs and scope of what’s required and how we can help support your ambitions for organisational excellence.


Our enduring team of passionate and super knowledgeable practitioners have a working background in the manufacturing sector.
We are trusted by our clients to deliver powerful coaching, practical workshops and impactful consultancy projects for real-world continuous improvement, but most importantly, it’s done with humility.



Strategic Development

Cultural Enablement

Organisational Transformation

Process & System Optimisation

Value Stream Mapping

TPM Preventative Maintenance

Lean Management

Team Workshop Alignment

Factory of the Future

Coaching & Mentoring

...and more!

Dedicated Account Management

We’ve got your back! Whatever your training, coaching or project needs, a dedicated Account Director will support your strategic business ambitions. With regular milestone check-ins and stakeholder reviews, they will ensure your project is delivering value to schedule every step of the way!

Shingo™ Model

The Shingo Guiding Principles are the basis for building a sustainable culture of continuous process improvement and organisational excellence. Our enduring Shingo affiliate status is an honour, and we never tire of sharing these principles with businesses who want to be part of this amazing improvement movement.

Why the Shingo Guiding Principles Can Help Prevent Organisational Burnout

Client Case Studies

Our purpose is to help you cause improvement, we have been trusted for training since 1994.

Meet our Practitioners

Our passionate team have real life knowledge of the tools, frameworks and methodologies required to solve problems, enable culture and enhance financial opportunity. Our practitioner approach is outcome based, and our purpose is to help cause sustainable improvement by delivering a tangible return on your training or consultancy investment.

Our purpose is to cause improvement

Continuous Improvement Causer.

Shingo Facilitator, Examiner, Researcher & Prize Recipient

Lean & Continuous Improvement Expert

Principal Six Sigma Practitioner

Leadership Development Practitioner

Leadership & Continuous Improvement Expert

Leadership In Coaching & Continuous Improvement, Shingo Alumni

Lean & Six Sigma Practitioner

Leadership Development Practitioner

Lean & Six Sigma Practitioner

Leadership In Coaching & Continuous Improvement, Shingo Alumni

Lean & Continuous Improvement Expert

Leadership Development Practitioner

Lean & Six Sigma Practitioner

Leadership & Continuous Improvement Expert

Principal Six Sigma Practitioner

Lean & Six Sigma Practitioner

Shingo Facilitator, Examiner, Researcher & Prize Recipient

Continuous Improvement Causer.

Our purpose is to cause improvement

Leadership Development Practitioner

“This training gives you structure, credibility and the ability to use data to remove the questions to help fix problems.”

Six Sigma Black Belt by TMI

MATHIEU STRICANNE, Process Engineer - Albany International

“A TMI MSc qualification on a CV means they know what they’re talking about.”

MSc Manufacturing Leadership

IAN BRACEGIRDLE, Site Manager - Knapp UK

“I’ve been on various courses but not at this level, however it was clear and easy to understand.”

Six Sigma Green Belt by TMI

MARK BRADY, McCormick Foods

“This course showed me how to interpret data to make improvements and fix processes.”

Six Sigma Yellow Belt by TMI

LEE MADDOCK, Lab Manager - Nutricia

Some of Our Clients

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