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How Our MSc Benefits Warburtons

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How Our MSc Benefits Warburtons

David Rimmer, Central Engineering Manager at Warburtons, was a delegate on one of the first cohorts of our Manufacturing Leadership MSc. A decade on, and he’s still benefitting from the knowledge, skills and experience he gained throughout the course.

From real-world applications to an impressive array of people, here David explains exactly why the programme has been invaluable to his career.


In college, I spent five years gaining various engineering qualifications, including my HNC, but I’ve never once applied that knowledge in the working world. To me, what stands out most about the MSc in Manufacturing Leadership is that I can honestly say I’ve used it in my job.

During my two years on the course I gained practical skills that I still apply to this day. My dissertation was especially worthwhile. It focused on the application of lean manufacturing, which was actually relevant to the site I was running at the time.

I learned all about the financial aspects too. Topics like this are difficult to absorb if you’re studying from a textbook. But when you can link it back to the real world, it’s easier to get your head around and make informed decisions. Being able to read about a subject, write an assignment on it, then apply or relate it to the business you work in is a fantastic process.


Another key benefit of the MSc was the people. The various modules were led by experts in the field, each with highly successful careers behind them. They were truly exceptional individuals and I was confident that I could learn from them. Not only that, they were also a great sounding board as they’ve been there and done it.

Likewise, the other delegates on the course were equally valuable. We actually formed a very close-knit group and still meet up biannually – sharing our best practices and experiences to help one another.


The course is really broad, so you can shape it to suit your needs. I gained many new skills and even improved upon some of my existing abilities. For me, that’s a plus point, as I’ve found that the more senior your role as a manufacturing or operational professional, the more expertise you need.

Due to my background I specialised in engineering, but the MSc enabled me to bring much more to the table. By knowing a bit of everything, I’ve become significantly better at managing operations. And as a result, I’ve been promoted a number of times since I started the course – first at HJ Heinz, and then after I joined Warburtons in 2014. The knowledge I acquired undoubtedly gave me that push up the corporate ladder.

Ultimately, I’m incredibly grateful that I completed the Manufacturing Leadership MSc and I have nothing but good words to say about it. You’ll have access to extremely valuable learning materials, meet a variety of people at all levels, plus gain a wealth of experience. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to other manufacturing leaders.

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