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Throwing The Spotlight On The Shingo Prize

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Throwing The Spotlight On The Shingo Prize

Throwing The Spotlight On The Shingo Prize: How To Achieve It In Your Manufacturing Business

Education through the Shingo Model is incredibly popular with our clients. But you might be wondering: how can you go beyond benchmarking and training and achieve the Shingo Prize?

More and more businesses are turning to us to secure this prestigious award. So, because our client, Jabil Healthcare Bray (one of the world’s largest manufacturing solutions providers), was recently awarded the prize, we thought now would be the perfect time to explain what it is, and how you can challenge for the prize for yourself.

What is the Shingo Prize?

It awards organisations that promote continuous improvement, and evaluates how the Guiding Principles of the Shingo Model are displayed in their team members’ behaviour. Plus, it observes how managers centre in on aligning systems to drive ideal behaviours at each and every level. This way, the Shingo Institute ensures that a business is showing continuous improvement, rather than short-term initiatives with short-term results.

Trained examiners and established professionals carry out a comprehensive assessment of the culture and operations, which involve evaluating challengers based on a meticulous set of standards.

Needless to say, The Shingo Institute doesn’t hand out this prize often. Making it all the more astounding that our client, Jabil Healthcare Bray, was internationally recognised as a business that’s anchored on enterprise excellence principles. These include:

  • Respecting others
  • Leading with humility
  • Quality at the source
  • Constantly seeking perfection
  • Creating value for the customer

As a result, they’re now seen as one of the finest organisations in the world.

The Shingo Model in practice

Jabil Healthcare Bray has been working on operational excellence since 2012. But with Shingo, they saw an opportunity to focus on ideal behaviours and drivers whilst following a holistic approach.

Embedding the Shingo Model allowed the company to reap numerous rewards: they’ve aligned their business around a common purpose, systems and tools, helping them to attain their goals; they’ve created a more engaging culture, making Jabil Healthcare Bray a better place for employees to work; and they’ve experienced higher satisfaction rates due to the value they deliver to customers.

Ultimately, culture is at the heart of the model, and it empowered Jabil Healthcare Bray to achieve excellence. The team was able to come together, make a difference, fulfill their potential, and bring about extraordinary results – boosting their continuous improvement year on year.

The Shingo Prize with The Manufacturing Institute

If you’d like to challenge for the Shingo Prize, or be educated via the Shingo Model and pursue this extremely high standard of excellence, we can assist you.

We were the first partner of the Shingo Institute in Europe, and we’ve helped more organisations attain recognition than any other Shingo affiliate. This includes the first two sites to be acknowledged in Europe (Ultraframe and BAE Systems), as well as the first three full Shingo Prize Winners in Europe (Abbott Vascular, Depuy Synthes, and Newsprinters Eurocentral).

To hear more about our support and training, speak to us today. We’ll happily answer any questions you may have.

Have you got your space at the Shingo European Conference?

The Shingo European Conference takes place on 18th November 2021. It’s a virtual experience on Zoom, so you can attend wherever you are. There’ll also be pre-conference workshops from 15th–17th November.
Learn from those who’ve made significant transformations on their own journey to excellence, hear from renowned keynote speakers, and network with experienced business leaders and professionals. You don’t want to miss out and it’s not too late to – register here.

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