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It is the reputational quality, integrity and knowledge of our expert practitioners that differentiates our approach to educational training, coaching and consultancy.

With substantial backgrounds in manufacturing and engineering, this hands-on experience is underpinned by the latest manufacturing thinking and techniques, and compliments our ability to see and understand the needs of each individual, and every manufacturer we support.

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We’ve previously spoken about our MSc in Manufacturing Leadership – from how it’s accredited by Lancaster University, to the key details, to how it’s benefitted delegates. But we’ve not yet homed on the support provided by our Senior Programmes Executive, Anita Kaur.So, we thought we’d ask Anita to talk about the support offered on the MSc, particularly in relation to

The term burnout was coined in the 1970s by the American psychologist Herbert Freudenberger to describe the consequences of severe stress. Today, burnout seems to have become a mass phenomenon that affects people in all professions. It is also one of the most widely discussed mental health problems of our time. A recent report from global recruiting giant Indeed found that

When it comes to customer value, it’s not just about knowing what your market pays for your product. You also need to understand what it is in terms of lean, why it’s important, and how to create it successfully.In this blog, we tell you exactly that.Defining customer valueCustomer value is the perception of what your products are worth to those

At The Manufacturing Institute, we understand that it’s one thing to know what Six Sigma is, and be aware of the benefits it could bring to your business. But, learning how to action it effectively during your manufacturing processes, well, that’s a whole different story.That’s why we wanted to share our five top tips for a successful Six Sigma implementation.

When we previously spoke about performance management traps, we didn’t discuss looking backwards, even though many in the industry would say it’s one for the list. Why? Because we personally think that looking backwards can be a very positive thing, provided it’s done in the correct manner. Interested in learning more? Join us as we argue the case for looking at

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