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Top 5 Tips: Six Sigma Implementation

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Top 5 Tips: Six Sigma Implementation

At The Manufacturing Institute, we understand that it’s one thing to know what Six Sigma is, and be aware of the benefits it could bring to your business. But, learning how to action it effectively during your manufacturing processes, well, that’s a whole different story.

That’s why we wanted to share our five top tips for a successful Six Sigma implementation. So let’s dive straight in…

1. Motivate your team

It’s not as simple as saying ‘let’s adopt this methodology’. You need to explain why, and give your employees a reason that can’t be disputed. Devising a ‘burning platform’ is a good idea in this instance.

In case you’re not aware, a burning platform is when you tell your workforce about dire circumstances (such as quality issues or losing business to competitors), so they embrace change. Don’t feel you have to provide every detail; just enough to motivate and engage the team.

2. Link it to your strategy

Six Sigma can’t stand alone. It should be part of your business strategy and link to your objectives. You need to establish where you can take risks, and the activities that would benefit from Six Sigma implementation.

When strategising how you’ll use the approach, make sure you have support from management. After all, if they’re not buying into it, you can’t expect your employees to either.

3. Situate your resources

People, materials, technology – they’re all at your fingertips. But as well as just using them, you need to make sure they’re in the right place, unified, and able to execute relevant initiatives.

You’ll also want to appoint a leader of the Six Sigma project in question. That way, there’s always someone responsible for guaranteeing a successful implementation.

4. Measure your results

One of the main elements of Six Sigma is continuous improvement, that’s why you need to have the necessary tools in place. This means creating a measurement system. By swiftly gaining the right data, better decisions can be made, and actions executed.  

For example, you can decide which resources to place where. And, with the help of a governance programme, you’ll know if you’re able to meet project timelines.

5. Provide continuous training

There’s no doubt that Six Sigma is a powerful tool, but if only one person has the knowledge, you’ll be left in the lurch if ever they leave the business. It’s important to keep teaching the methodology, so that others can implement it too. Six Sigma achieves the highest levels of success when team members across the company are trained to lead an execution.

Don’t forget that this training needs to be effective, which first requires an assessment. There are Yellow Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt courses available, and these should be analysed as to what’s best for the individual, and the organisation. 

Learn with The Manufacturing Institute

As for our Six Sigma programmes, we provide in-depth coverage across the board. In fact, this is the feedback we often receive. Delegates have completed courses with other institutes, but found they didn’t cover the same breadth. And so, they came to us to level up their knowledge and learn how to implement Six Sigma successfully.

If you’d like to find out more about our exceptional training, there’s information available on our Yellow Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt courses. We’re also happy to answer any questions you might have, just speak to us today.

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