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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Pledge

  /  Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Pledge

Our EDI Pledge

While it is felt that this is widely understood across The Growth Company, the proportion of our workforce that identify as Black, Asian and minority ethnic does not reflect the wider community with 12% of our workforce identifying as Black, Asian and minority ethnic, compared to communities in which we work such as: Greater Manchester = 16.4%, Lancashire = 8.9%, Sheffield City Region = 7.5% and Liverpool City Region = 4.2%. Importantly, whilst we have taken a range of actions our figure has not moved in the last three years even though we have seen significant employee changes over the period. We have replaced like-for-like. As such, it is evident that the approaches taken to date have not worked, at least to the extent necessary to address the scale of the challenge we face. Accepting this is the first step to addressing it.

Our refreshed and accelerated approach to diversity and inclusion is aligned to our purpose to enable growth, create jobs and improve lives. To do this, we recognise the need to have a workforce that is representative of the communities we work with and drive a deeper commitment to diversity and inclusion and eliminating any inequity. Our pledge and the actions are revisited to ensure we are making progress, our pledge is:

  1. We will continue to share the proportion of our workforce that identify as Black, Asian or minority ethnic yearly, so we can be held accountable to our progress as part of our annual diversity report.
  2. We will sign up to the Race at Work Charter.
  3. We will implement anti-racism awareness workshops for all colleagues.
  4. We will broaden the channels we advertise The Growth Company vacancies to ensure Black, Asian and minority ethnic networks and communities are included and where appropriate will target specific channels for example business networks for the demographic we are targeting to raise the profile of our commitment to attracting a diverse workforce.
  5. We have added a statement on all adverts outlining that we are committed to attracting more applications from the Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities.
  6. We will create inclusive networks to help shape our EDI strategy.
  7. We will review our policies to make it clear we have zero tolerance with any form of discrimination including our whistleblowing policy to encourage individuals to report direct and non-direct discrimination so this can be acted upon accordingly.
  8. We will engage with colleagues so that they feel comfortable to share experiences, insight and have open discussions.
  9. We will create a mentoring programme for those colleagues who identify as Black, Asian or minority ethnic including the use of external mentors to provide this support.
  10. We will implement a ‘reverse mentoring’ approach, whereby willing individuals from different backgrounds offer one-to-one sessions with senior colleagues to enable them to have a deeper insight on themes such as language and culture and offer more insight into the barriers affecting progression.

“At the Growth Company (GC) we want everyone to feel that they belong and we are committed to creating an environment where all individuals are valued and treated with respect. The fundamental principles of equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) are core to our values and ways of working. At GC we have an EDI Steering Committee which comprises of members of our workforce who are passionate about EDI and help drive forward our EDI objectives. The EDI Steering Committee is sponsored by GC’s Board Member, Vanda Murray OBE and our Managing Director of Marketing Manchester who support and empower our work to drive change needed to achieve inclusivity. I fully endorse the work of the EDI Steering Committee and EDI Network Groups and believe it’s an essential part of what makes GC a great place to work. We are dedicated to ensuring that colleagues have a voice and we want to create a culture of continuous learning through the learning platform.”

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