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Environmental Policy

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Environmental Policy


This policy applies to all employees, associates, secondees, agency staff and third parties who undertake activity for, and on behalf of, TMI and The Growth Company. It applies to the goods and services we procure, our direct operations and the services we provide to our customers. TMI operates within a suite of interdependent policies and procedures, which are implemented collectively in order to deliver the objectives of the Environmental Policy.


To provide an effective framework for realising TMI’s commitment to protecting, and where possible enhancing, the environment by reducing environmental impacts, preventing pollution, mitigating and adapting to climate change and a low carbon future.


All employees including associates, secondees, agency staff and third parties are responsible for ensuring that this Policy is adhered to. In addition, those employees who procure goods and services should follow TMI’s Procurement Policy including the requirement to include social value considerations which include environmental issues. As referenced, some activities within the scope of this Policy are covered by additional dedicated policies and procedures to ensure that the objectives of this Policy are delivered.


The Growth Company is a group of companies that works in partnership with others to enable growth, create jobs and improve the lives of residents and local communities.  The Group delivers activities across the service areas:  Business Support & Finance, Skills, Employment, Marketing and Organisation Development Services.  With over 1,400 employees across 30 sites, the Group recognises that its activities impact the environment in a number of ways, principally through:

  • Energy – including the heating, lighting and electricity we use in the buildings we occupy and when working from home.
  • Business travel – emissions to air from our business-related travel.
  • Disposal of information communication technology hardware (ICT) – we have an obligation to ensure safe and secure recycling of IT assets in accordance with relevant regulations.
  • Use of paper – through the paper we use in our day to day operations.

In recognising this, The Growth Company is committed to protecting the environment and continually improving its environmental performance by:

  • ensuring compliance with all relevant legislation and standards, and the expectations of our customers and other key stakeholders
  • ensuring our systems and procedures prevent pollution
  • ensuring our suppliers are able and are encouraged to support our environmental commitments
  • ensuring we continually review how we can make improvements to our environmental performance
  • continually improving our environmental management system

Specifically, we will:

  • reduce energy consumption across our estate through staff awareness and improved controls
  • reduce business travel miles through better journey planning
  • reduce paper consumption through staff awareness and increased use of electronic communication and data storage
  • rationalise our use of ICT hardware and ensure that all waste electrical & electronic equipment is reused or recycled where possible
  • reduce the amount of waste produced by considering purchasing decisions, and whether items can be reused or recycled, before putting them into the bin.
  • Utilise recycling facilities available to recycle paper, plastic bottles, cans, batteries, waste electrical items and other waste streams.

In addition, there are specific policies that address the individual environmental impacts:

  • from our use of ICT hardware via a Disposal Policy, which covers data security and recycling
  • from our business mileage via a Staff Expenses Policy, which encourages journey planning and alternative modes of transport
  • from our company cars, the Policy for which requires all owned and leased vehicles to be euro 6 compliant
  • from our suppliers through our adoption of the Greater Manchester Sustainable Procurement Framework

The Growth Company has implemented several Strategic Priorities and Objectives related to Environmental Sustainability. These objectives are reviewed at set intervals and reported to The Growth Company Board. 
To realise our environmental objectives The Growth Company both recognises the need for, and is committed to, communicating our environmental commitments and performance to our suppliers, employees, customers and wider stakeholders.  This is achieved via our procurement processes, and our existing communication channels to employees including the The Growth Company Business Plan, our policy management system and group wide awareness raising emails. 
This policy and the actions arising from it will be annually reviewed as part of the business planning process, which involves input from The Growth Company’s Senior Leadership and Management Teams.

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