Q. I am not on site at the moment, can I still do this course?

Yes, all our courses are delivered securely online, and you will be given login details. We have redesigned all of our courses to suit a virtual environment, while maintaining the interactivity of face-to-face classroom delivery.

Q. What sort of equipment do I need to access the online training?

The virtual courses are supported on laptops/desktops/tablets. Each student should have their own device to participate.

Q. I like the content or certain modules of a course can this be adapted and delivered to my company only?

Yes, all programmes can be adapted to be run on-site to specific personnel or teams as required. Bespoke content can be added into each programme if run in-company.

Q. Which digital platforms are the courses held on?

Public courses are held using Zoom, but bespoke courses can be supported on other platforms on request.

Q. How can I pay for the programmes?

Our customers can pay by invoice or debit/credit card. Payment plans may be available for larger purchases.

Q. What are the criteria for undertaking the courses? Do I have to work in a Manufacturing environment?

The skillset taught as part of our programmes can be widely applied across certain aspects of all sectors which will give tangible results by making improvements to business processes.

Q. Will you help me to decide what type of training I need for my workforce?

We have a team of time-served experienced specialists who will work with your organisation to understand requirements and skills gaps to recommend the right type of training to support the workforce.

Q. How does the learning work virtually compare to a classroom?

Joining instructions are sent ahead of the programme start for delegates to access the platform through a single link. Learning materials are distributed through an online platform for delegates to print or use virtually. The delivery will vary, featuring different functionality to keep the learning engaging – including polls, group work in “breakout rooms” and case study examples.

Q. How are learners supported throughout the digital programme?

Our practitioners take time to ensure that each learner is on track with the material – delegates can anonymously message the tutor in order to ask any questions. Every delegate will have the opportunity to speak with the practitioner individually to address any concerns or questions.

Q. What sort of time commitment will each course be?

Delegates are expected to attend every session as a minimum. Additional reading and work is optional, but project work to apply your new skillset is recommended.

Q. What do I need to prepare before the course?

Is it recommended that delegates consider some challenges or improvement projects in their own environment before attending the programme. This will help to frame the learning and enable delegates to use their new skills.

Q. Do I need to buy any course materials/books for the training?

No, all course materials/books will be provided by The Manufacturing Institute.