Steve Nicoll

Shingo Facilitator, Shingo Examiner, Shingo Researcher and Prize Winner.

About Steve

Steve is a respected leader and coach with over three decades of experience leading high-performance teams. He has a passion for developing people and organisations to fulfil their potential and specialisein creating sustainable transformation.

Steve spent 31 years at News Corporation, in a variety of leadership roles, and ultimately became continuous improvement leader within the company’s newspaper manufacturing division, “Newsprinters Ltd”. He helped to shape and implement the organisation’s operational excellence strategy and played an instrumental role in its prestigious Shingo Prize win, making Newsprinters the first company in the UK to be awarded the highest accolade for enterprise excellence.

He progressed on to the role of operational excellence leader at pharmaceutical manufacturer Consort Medical, with responsibility for inspiring a culture that held enterprise excellence at its core across five manufacturing sites within Europeand the UK. Since launching The Lean Orange in 2017, he has continued to work with pharmaceutical organisations worldwide, coaching and supporting them to implement technical, cultural and process improvements using a systematic approach to reach the best solutions.As an enterprise excellence coach, he has worked with multi-sector manufacturing and service organisations across Europe, China, India, North Africa, the Middle East, Australia, Ireland, the USA and the UK, offering the guidance required to pinpoint their challenges and create effective solutions –ultimately building a platform for long-term success.

He continues to work with organisations and individuals to challenge them to rethink how they do what they do, focusing on adding value to their customers, suppliers and employees by taking a long-term and sustainable approach to business performance.

Steve says ‘I love learning something new every day and for me the best way to retain this learning is to share it with someone else and then watch it evolve as they take it on, add to it, experiment with it and become curious with it. The results are inspiring and never cease to amaze’