Introduction To Organisational Excellence And The Shingo Model

The Manufacturing Institute’s Introduction to Organisational Excellence and the Shingo Model virtual workshop provides a grounding into the history of continuous improvement.

Through an interactive mixture of presentation materials, case studies, group activities, and a Q&A forum, delegates will gain a clear understanding of the causes of lean failures, as well as how to use the Shingo Model to align their business and create a culture of organisational excellence.

Educational aims

  • To recognise the purpose of business
  • To review the history of continuous improvement
  • To discuss and analyse why most lean implementations fail to sustain
  • To assess key learnings from thought leaders including Maslow and Deming
  • To understand the Shingo Prize, Shingo Institute, Shingo Model and its history
  • To uncover organisational excellence’s three key insights and guiding principles
  • To find out how systems influence behaviour and consequently results
  • To gain insight into how the Shingo Model can align the entire business
  • To take inspiration from Shingo Prize winners Newsprinters Eurocentral
  • To apply The Manufacturing Institute’s roadmap to organisational excellence
  • To share knowledge with other Shingo Prize recipients in a Q&A session

Benefits to the delegate

  • Boost knowledge around continuous improvement history and methodologies
  • Understand the Shingo Prize, Model, Three Insights and Guiding Principles
  • Identify the link between principles, systems, tools, behaviours and results
  • Develop the ability to plan an Enterprise Excellence Roadmap

What you’ll need

  • Access to your own compatible device (the session is fully interactive and needs independent input)
  • No formal qualifications are required 

How it works

  • One live virtual classroom session via Zoom, delivered over 3.5 hours
  • Learning through presentations, case studies, group tasks and a Q&A forum

Indicative syllabus

  • The Manufacturing Institute’s role in the industry and business community
  • Key contacts and delivery team
  • Virtual session outline
  • Continuous improvement history, principles and strategies
  • The Shingo Model’s history, Three Insights, Guiding Principles and Prize
  • Q&A session with previous Shingo Prize recipients