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Lean Manufacturing Bootcamp – AUG

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Lean Manufacturing Bootcamp by the Manufacturing Institute
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Lean Manufacturing Bootcamp – AUG


About this course

This on-line Lean Manufacturing bootcamp (LMBC) is designed to help managers become effective champions of Lean, this programme will provide an overview of current lean fundamentals, tools and their practical application. Delegates will learn how to identify and eliminate waste and non-value adding activities for process improvement. On-line sessions are interactive, so you’ll be taking part in lively debate, exercises and quizzes. This is a condensed version of our face-to-face Accelerated Route to Lean Manufacturing and excludes the Fellowship, which can be purchased separately.

Who is this course for?
This course is perfect for those wishing to access a high-quality, Lean learning experience without the travel or associated expenditure. Ideal for anyone responsible for improving productivity and performance with limited in formal continuous improvement training.

Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of all the sessions delegates will understanding the core principles of Lean manufacturing and how to apply Lean tools in their quest to achieve operational excellence with confidence. Delegates will know how to create tangible and sustainable benefits in their workplace and understand the link between culture change and continuous improvement.

Please note, the course is delivered through Zoom, therefore: –
All delegates will require stable internet access, and PC/laptop with video and audio connection, to allow for full participation. The programme is collaborative, all delegates will be required to have their camera’s turned on during the workshop. Delegates should aim to log into the learning platform 10 minutes prior to the start time, to deal with any technical issues and ensure a prompt start to the workshop. Sessions are NOT recorded to maintain confidentiality and the safety of delegates.

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9.30am to 1:00pm

9.30am to 1:00pm

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9.30am to 1:00pm

Dates may be subject to change. Terms and conditions of booking apply.

Further Information

Our Lean Manufacturing Boot Camp will give you the know-how required to make quick-win impact on the shop floor. The course combines lean manufacturing techniques with the interpersonal skills necessary to be an effective Lean Champion, giving you the understanding and confidence to lead your team to success.

Module 1 - Lean Foundations

History of Lean, background and the guiding principles of lean manufacturing concepts including customer driven value, elimination of waste and continuous improvement culture. Understanding how companies become lean and how you adopt a Lean mindset to drive change in your own business. Understanding the relationship between culture and continuous improvement and how to act on the quick wins.

The final intake for this course expires 8:00am on Thursday August 1st, 2024

Module 2 - Visual Thinking

Understanding the interactions 5S has on a Lean organisation and how it enables Flow (and standardisation) to be achieved. Calculation and benefits of applying Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), the mechanics of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and recognising the need and when to apply it. Understanding process of changeover analysis and methods of reducing unnecessary/excessive downtime.

The final intake for this course expires 8:00am on Thursday August 1st, 2024

Module 3 - Process Mapping

Popular types of Process Mapping techniques that capture cause and effect and Right First Time (RFT) methodology and tools from Fishbone to Pareto. Creating a process map, and how mapping linear sequences of the activities that make up a business process, helps to identify bottlenecks or unnecessary steps in current processes and eliminates waste. How Process Mapping differs from Value Stream Mapping (VSM). Introducing Kaizen workshops, your daily Kaizen and blitz events, guidelines for success, teamwork and how to sustain continuous improvement gains.

The final intake for this course expires 8:00am on Thursday August 1st, 2024

Module 4 - Value Stream Mapping

Identifying your value streams, and why VSM is so important to Lean implementation. The 7-Wastes and key drivers for ‘un-lean’ behaviour. Developing a Lean Future State by optimising labour, lead-times and inventory, linking improvements to financial benefits and how culture and behaviours can impact on a lean deployment programme.

The final intake for this course expires 8:00am on Thursday August 1st, 2024

Module 5 - Systems Thinking

Development of a systematic approach to the elimination of waste and none-value added activities, an entire business approach. What Lean system is right for you? Results and behaviours and understanding variation. Human centred design and knowledge, and systems integration.

The final intake for this course expires 8:00am on Thursday August 1st, 2024

Module 6 - Problem Solving

To understand why problem solving is a vital element of any Lean implementation, how to approach organisational problems characterised by continuous improvement methodologies. Introduction to Root Cause Analysis and Statistical Process Control (SPC) to aid time management and the achievement of measurable results.

The final intake for this course expires 8:00am on Thursday August 1st, 2024

Module 7 - Problem Solving Tools

To appreciate what is meant by Lean principle 5 – Perfection. Develop an understanding of the tools and techniques required for quality management, and how detailed insight and analysis supports your continuous improvement strategy. Recognise how the use of quality tools can be applied to resolve specific problems in support of lean developments – including the PDCA problem solving cycle and the Five Whys.

The final intake for this course expires 8:00am on Thursday August 1st, 2024

Module 8 - Coaching for Improvement

To identify and appreciate the qualities and attributes required of a Lean leader, how to compare and contrast ‘Traditional’ management styles and leadership behaviours that foster cultural change. How to facilitate CI activities, understanding the difference between coaching and mentoring, and how to coach people to achieve improved CI results. Developing the communication skills that enable respectful and progressive CI strategies including models and frameworks for planning.

The final intake for this course expires 8:00am on Thursday August 1st, 2024

Module 9 - Lean Implementation

How to on-board your Lean mindset, establishing and maintaining routine to ensure sustainable change. A3 thinking, problem solving and statements. Why map? Insightful implementation, visualisation using graphs and flowcharts – what works for you. FMEA, failure model effects analysis and pitfalls of performance management. Future state and current state. Measuring success – What good looks like.

The final intake for this course expires 8:00am on Thursday August 1st, 2024

Module 10 - Operational Excellence

The value and purpose of having a well thought through and communicated lean philosophy, and the impact of a lean implementation strategy on operational excellence. The value of Human Systems, the need to engage with our teams and the critical factors necessary for effective and sustainable Continuous Improvement and the transition to Operational Excellence. Reflection and discussion on the processes and systems necessary to align the “top-to-bottom” resources in your organisation, get buy-in to achieve corporate aims and objectives.

The final intake for this course expires 8:00am on Thursday August 1st, 2024



How does it work?

The course runs between 9.00 am to 4.00 pm over 10-days, 2-days per week for 5-weeks (3.5 hours per session)

What is the entry-level requirement?

There are no academic requirements to attend this course. No matter what your background or previous experience, as long as you have the desire to drive positive change and improve results, this course will help you achieve your operational objectives for continuous improvement.

What does it include?

Includes access to materials, direction and support in our virtual learning environment (VLE) It’s Learning.

What is the certification?

A certificate of attendance is available to delegates who have attended all the Lean Manufacturing Bootcamp training days. For delegates embarking on a Fellowship, a certificate of completion is awarded subject to total course attendance and final project assessment. This is an award from The Manufacturing Institute.

Who will be delivering this programme?

Delivered by endorsed TMI™️ affiliates, our knowledgeable Lean Practitioners will combine presentation, peer-to-peer discussion, group activity and interactive learning exercises to ensure delivery remains energetic, thought-provoking and professionally relevant.

Can we run this programme in-house?

Yes, we can deliver all our programmes on-site. Quotations are subject to minimum numbers, bespoke preparation, and broader company objectives. Please contact one of our team who can discuss the requirements in person.

Missed sessions?

Late cancellations or no-shows are subject to the terms and conditions of booking. We understand that real life can get in the way of training, and as long as we are made aware, we will always endeavour to re-arrange missed sessions on the next available intake.

What is the value of Manufacturing Institute certification?

Our independently accredited certification is recognised and well-respected throughout the manufacturing sector. Certification from the Manufacturing Institute demonstrates a commitment to world-class training and thinking and will help position yourself and your organisation ahead of the competition.

The final intake for this course expires 8:00am on Thursday August 1st, 2024

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