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Value Stream Mapping Workshop – OCT

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Part of the Accelerated Route to Lean Manufacturing by the Manufacturing Institute
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Value Stream Mapping Workshop – OCT


About this course

Manufacturers often get so involved in their internal day-to-day organisation, formal and informal, they lose sight of the big picture customer experience and what brings value to the external and internal customer. When it comes to continuous improvement, there is nothing quite like a value stream mapping project to help bring your perspective sharply back into focus.

Value Stream Mapping is fundamental to Lean and used as a backbone to support short to medium term improvement projects 1 to 3-years. It is a high-level problem-solving tool that creates a powerful visual picture of all the components necessary to deliver a product or service. It is a technique that requires cross-collaboration and leadership, which is a core component of this workshop which provides practical demonstrations on how delegates can make better informed decisions, to drive change, and address major concerns or losses to your business, such as inconsistencies in systems and processes.

Who is this course for?

Our Value Stream Mapping workshop is perfect for leaders, managers and change agents who want to detect exactly where within a process a problem is occurring including the identification of waste and capturing bottlenecks. It is especially useful for those leading an improvement project who want to empower cross-functional collaboration and ultimately improve the end-product quality. Attendees of individual workshops should have a basic knowledge of lean tools and techniques. These workshops are delivered as part of The Manufacturing Institute’s Accelerated Route to Lean Manufacturing programme and can be accessed individually.

Learning Outcomes

  • Peer to peer experience allows for delegates to discuss the pros, cons, impacts and outcomes of a Value Stream Map
  • They will understand the language and terminology involved in Value Stream Mapping and its linkage to the Lean Enterprise
  • Be able to apply the step by step approach deployed in Value Stream Mapping, which enables the transition from a Current State to a Future State
  • Be able to develop detailed implementation plans to realise the future state that solves the root cause of the problem
  • Measure anticipated results to win support for change
  • Learning by doing, will deliver immediate practical impact

Fellowship Certification

VSM Fellowship is included for delegates who attend all ARTL modules. For delegates attending the Two-Day VSM Workshop only, the Fellowship is optional at £350 +VAT.

Timetable Dates for this Course

OCT 2024

OCT 2024


Tues 15th

Wed 16th


9am to 4pm

9am to 4pm

Dates may be subject to change. Terms and conditions of booking apply.

Two-Day VSM Indicative Workshop Outline

This Two-Day Workshop is split into four hands-on working sessions that cover core elements of the VSM process utilising the classic TWA case study. People involved with process improvement need an understanding of value stream mapping and the ability to read a future state. VSM is a great communication tool and the best way to learn it, is to practise it, this is why our VSM training works.

Day 1 - What is Value-Stream Mapping? & What Makes a Value Stream Lean?

Morning Session: What is Value-Stream Mapping?
Where to start with what process improvements will be necessary for the value stream to flow, step by step planning, setting measurable goals with clear checkpoints and accountability. VSM requires overarching responsibility for reporting, VSM leaders will see how to manage siloed functionality to ensure cross-departmental collaboration and change.
■ Core concepts, flow and pull
■ The role of a Value-Stream Manager
■ Material and Information Flow
■ Selecting a Product Family
■ Process matrix

Afternoon Session: What Makes a Value Stream Lean?
This session ties in lean tools and techniques that avoid nonvalue creating steps door to door. Lean thinking ensures clear specification of the value of a product as perceived by the end customer.
■ Demand profile
■ Using the Mapping Tool
■ The Current-State Map
■ Drawing the Current-State Map

The final intake for this course expires 9:00am on Tuesday October 15th, 2024

Day 2 - Characteristics of a Lean Value Stream & Value-Stream a Sustainable Plan

Morning Session: Characteristics of a Lean Value Stream
Overproduction is a fundamental issue, as root cause analysis is fundamental to uncovering hidden defects. This session links all processes door to door, by demonstrating how to organise and synchronising pace to achieve smooth flow.
■ Standard work
■ TAKT / Cycles
■ Overproduction Make to order / stock to order
■ First in first out FiFo
■ Making Kanban a success

Afternoon Session: Value-Stream a Sustainable Plan
This model helps delegates visualise step by step future state planning, what to plan to do by when, setting measurable goals and checkpoints with real deadlines and accountabilities.
■ The Future-State Map
■ Drawing the Future-State Map
■ Achieving the Future State
■ Breaking Implementation Into Steps
■ Future proofing

The final intake for this course expires 9:00am on Tuesday October 15th, 2024

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How does it work?

The course runs between 9.00 am to 4.00 pm over 2-days

What is the entry-level requirement?

There are no minimum academic requirements to attend this course. No matter what your background or previous experience, as long as you have the desire to drive positive change and improve results, this course will help you achieve your operational objectives for continuous improvement.

What does it include?

Includes access to materials, direction and support in our virtual learning environment (VLE) It’s Learning.

Who will be delivering this programme?

Delivered by endorsed TMI™️ affiliates, our knowledgeable Lean Practitioners will combine presentation, peer-to-peer discussion, group activity and interactive learning exercises to ensure delivery remains energetic, thought-provoking and professionally relevant.

Can we run this programme in-house?

Yes, we can deliver all our programmes on-site. Quotations are subject to minimum numbers, bespoke preparation, and broader company objectives. Please contact one of our team who can discuss the requirements in person.

Missed sessions?

Late cancellations or no-shows are subject to the terms and conditions of booking. We understand that real life can get in the way of training, and as long as we are made aware, we will always endeavour to re-arrange missed sessions on the next available intake.

What is the value of Manufacturing Institute certification?

Our independently accredited certification is recognised and well-respected throughout the manufacturing sector. Certification from the Manufacturing Institute demonstrates a commitment to world-class training and thinking and will help position yourself and your organisation ahead of the competition.

The final intake for this course expires 9:00am on Tuesday October 15th, 2024

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