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Agile Thinking Workshop

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Part of the Accelerated Route to Lean Manufacturing by the Manufacturing Institute
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Agile Thinking Workshop


About this course

Introduction to Agile Thinking Workshop

If you’re focussed on a particular project or already have some awareness of Lean transformation and want to refresh or top up selected knowledge, then our modular one-day workshops offer a fast and scalable solution to improving the understanding required to support continuous improvement strategies, with contemporary Lean thinking for cultural transformation.

These workshops will provide practical insights and examples on selected specialised topic areas. They are designed to build focus around specific activities that encourage collaboration and active problem-solving from standardisation and routine to asset care and cultural change. At the heart of all our Lean workshops are the fundamental goals around eliminating waste, identifying value, the creation of flow and establishing pull, through leader standard work, process discipline, accountability, and visual management that advocates a coaching culture striving for continuous improvement.

Workshop covers Lean vs Agile and how to maximise resources intelligently, and the importance using the right data to deploy changes fast. Promotes the attributes required of Agile leadership, how to drive realtime intercompany cooperation and use supporting tools such as Kanban to ensure accountability. Practitioners will outline representative steps for managing workflows including how projects can be broken down in to scrum sprints, setting goals, planning, review and execution.

Who is this course for?

Perfect for managers, team leaders and change agents and anyone involved with a specific business improvement project, and with responsibility for productivity and performance improvement. Attendees should have a basic understanding of lean tools and techniques.

Company Benefits 

■ Rapid transfer of skills and know-how through learning by doing, to deliver immediate business benefits
■ Development of specialist in-house expertise to create sustainable and tangible benefits
■ Improved morale, belief, and collaboration
■ Organisation around communication for project management

■ Team Roles
■ Scrum Master
■ Sprint Methodology
■ Kanban Boards

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How does it work?

The course runs between 9.00 am to 4.00 pm over 1-day

What is the entry-level requirement?

There are no minimum academic requirements to attend this course. No matter what your background or previous experience, as long as you have the desire to drive positive change and improve results, this course will help you achieve your operational objectives for continuous improvement.

What does it include?

Includes access to materials, direction and support in our virtual learning environment (VLE) It’s Learning.

Who will be delivering this programme?

Delivered by endorsed TMI™️ affiliates, our knowledgeable Lean Practitioners will combine presentation, peer-to-peer discussion, group activity and interactive learning exercises to ensure delivery remains energetic, thought-provoking and professionally relevant.

Can we run this programme in-house?

Yes, we can deliver all our programmes on-site. Quotations are subject to minimum numbers, bespoke preparation, and broader company objectives. Please contact one of our team who can discuss the requirements in person.

Missed sessions?

Late cancellations or no-shows are subject to the terms and conditions of booking. We understand that real life can get in the way of training, and as long as we are made aware, we will always endeavour to re-arrange missed sessions on the next available intake.

What is the value of Manufacturing Institute certification?

Our independently accredited certification is recognised and well-respected throughout the manufacturing sector. Certification from the Manufacturing Institute demonstrates a commitment to world-class training and thinking and will help position yourself and your organisation ahead of the competition.

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